Wine…Waiting On A Friend

In our busy world, it seems we spend a portion of our lives waiting.  You know, waiting on buses, trains or cabs to head to work, waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting at your favorite place, the dentist or doctor. 

Those really are not necessarily the most fun places to be waiting.  I find one of the most enjoyable places to be waiting is at home! 

Waiting for that luscious stew to be finished that has been cooking all afternoon on the stove or that lovely cake or pie that is in the oven making the house smell great and your mouth watering is a pleasurable time period for me.

But, I think one of the most exciting time periods at home is waiting on a friend or loved one who is coming for dinner and an overnight.  During this waiting period I am usually preparing an appetizer, salad, slicing and dicing something for dinner or setting the table. 

My favorite tunes are playing and I find myself starting to relax but also excited, as I am waiting for my friend to arrive. 

During these periods of time at home, I find it one of the best times to enjoy my first glass of wine for the day!  I might pop open the wine, or wines, that I will be serving with appetizers, dinner, and dessert or just for sipping when my friend arrives.  Even though I have preplanned the choices of wine for the evening, I always want to be sure that the wines I am serving are the perfect choice.  

Or, hey, what a better time to finish off that wee bit of wine that has been left over from the night before, as it seems I am always clearing more space in the frig for another bottle of white wine.  This interval of time is also excellent for trying a new wine that I might think would pair well with, let’s say, something spicy I am conjuring up.

We are always talking about pairing wine with foods, how about wine with time?

Waiting on your friends is a marvelous thing and what is a better way to spend those few eager moments before their arrival?  Sipping a glass of wine!


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Reader Comments

Great article! Waiting for friends to arrive is equivalent to the anticipation of Christmas when I was a kid. Each hour before the scheduled arrival brings a sweet sense of desire, excitement and joy only enhanced further by savoring a glass of wine, listening to music and appreciating the sweet smell of each ingredient you add to the final dish.