Cel-e-brate good time - WooHoo!

Bottle of sparkling shiraz, two champagne glassesSometimes you just gotta celebrate something.

Maybe it is a birth, maybe it is an award, maybe it is a death (if, y’know, you’re one to celebrate the death of someone), maybe it is just all your friends who are strewn about the world finally ending up in the same town at the same time.

But what do you do when you don’t like champagne?

Sure, you could have any old wine. And sometimes that is enough.
But maybe you want that satisfying pop.

And maybe you are in the midst of a heat wave, or at the very least, it is summer time and you’re one of those freaks of nature who starts sweating when the temperature gets above 65F (or even 40F, like your’s truly).

Of course, if you had all that, and you add in that you wanted to celebrate an engagement, namely your own, then you’d probably be me.

Well, or my girlfri… err.. fiance now, I guess, since she fits most of that herself. All except the sweat part. Women don’t sweat. They glisten. Mark that down, boys. It’s one to grow on, and now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

But really, I’ve never met a champagne I liked, outside of a mimosa, and now that I’m a diabetic, that is quite the no-no.

So this is the perfect time to open up a very interesting little Shiraz that came to me by way of our wine outlet and an intriguing note in their newsletter:

“So, just what is a sparkling shiraz?” The answer is that it is a shiraz that is sparkling. Really. The wine is made entirely from shiraz (syrah) grapes and it is fully sparkling, just like a champagne, and almost completely dry. It is packed with fresh fruit flavors and is a delightful and fun wine.

A sparking red wine. How… well, like I said, intriguing. So we bought a couple bottles of the 2004 Paringa Sparkling Shiraz, I mean, heck, it was only $10.

All we needed was a reason to drink.

Ok, scratch that. She has a hectic job and I’m unemployed for far too many months, we don’t need a reason to drink.

We needed a reason to celebrate. We wanted to do something more with the wine then just drink it, or, in my case, blog about it.

So, on the one hand, this is my singing from the rooftops that I am now engaged to be married.

On the other hand, this is my talking about a truly interesting little wine.

It’s dark dark red, beautiful to look at, with it’s pale pink bubbles light against the blood red liquid[1], and it smells light, clean and berry filled.

Taste wise… well… odd as it may sound, it tasted exactly like you’d expect a red sparkling wine to taste. Dry, velvet, light bit of fruit, tanninosity.

We’ll definitely bring the second bottle to a party. It will be the talk of the crowd, I’m sure. While it lasts anyways.

I can’t strongly recommend this wine as an incredible drink. I can recommend it as a unique little wine, and one that I bet would make a heck of a sangria.

[1] Ok, no more vampire books before blogging.

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Reader Comments

First of all - Congrats on the engagement! Next - I cannot wait to look up this little gem of a sparkler! I am not a “bubbly wine” drinker either. So anything that resembles a sparkler that tastes good, I am seeking out for the special occasions, like a summer BBQ with friends! But hey at that price, could be a nice way to start the end of any day! Cheers to you and the Mrs. to be!!!

Congrats to you chap!