It’s A Great Grape Tuesday!

Spanish Wines.  Yep, I have been on the “kick” this summer for Spanish wines.  So I was a happy camper when it was decided to spotlight “Garnacha” for our Great Grape Tuesday.  Now, do I want to go high end or low end in pricing?  I decided to go to the inexpensive group.  But let me tell you for under $10.00, I found a nice happy wine!

A 2005 Bodegas Borsao Campo De Borja came home with me the other day.  A pleasant wine, even with a high alcohol content of 14%.  Since this wine is made up of 75% Garnacha and 25% Tempranillo grapes, the alcohol is going to be up there due to the Garnacha grape.  But, the alcohol was not predominant!  After popping the cork, juicy berry aromas escaped into the air.  On pouring, I noticed a little hint of violet in that river of dark red that was flowing into my glass.  During the sip, a pleasant berry flavor, a mix of strawberry and dark cherry, bloomed on my tongue.  Lovely!  It lacked the high acid that sometimes creeps into your mouth, so it was nice and soft going down.  No heavy tannins either!  Wow, this is a delightful summer wine!
Now, what am I going to pair this wine with food wise?  A nice juicy roasted Cornish hen stuffed with rosemary, a little garlic and a shallot, decided to meet up with us for dinner.  Accompanying this was roasted carrots, onions and more garlic with a “pile” of basmati rice on the side.  The 2005 Bodegas Borsao Campo De Borja wine was light enough that it did not overpower the dinner, but full enough to match nicely.
A nice way to start the end of a summer day!

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Deb, your description really makes me want to try this wine right now although you do mention the suitability for a summer day - it’s raining here, again, in England!