Grenache - A GREAT Barbecue Wine

grribgrill.jpgBeing a barbecue guy and a wine lover, I like to find wines that fit into the barbecue world.  Some wines don’t fit well… Sauvignon Blanc is a bit too light for the spices used.  Syrah can overpower pork and chicken.  One of the wines I like most with barbecue, though, is Grenache.

The tastes from Granache include blackberries and spice, but I think the aspect I like most with barbecue pairing is its earthiness.  It just seems to fit.  On top of the taste, the fact that it can be served a bit chilled make it go well with eating outside on a warm day.

Another advantage is that it’s not that difficult to find pretty good Grenache wines at reasonable prices.  The wines are often a bit lower in alcohol content and are often drinkable when young.  There’s enough push in the flavors to handle barbecue flavors while the wines are enjoyable to drink without food, too.

With my philosophy of wine enjoyment being as much about the people as the wine a lot of the time, barbecue is a lot the same.  Combining the two is one of my favorite things to do.  Next time you’re have a cookout, whether grilling burgers or barbecuing pulled pork, try a bottle of Granache with it… You’ll not be sorry!

Oh, and whatever you have, enjoy the time with your friends and family!

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Reader Comments

Thanks for getting the word out about how great Grenache is for barbecue! And I agree completely with chilling it down a little - there would probably be more summer red wine drinkers if this little factoid got out…

I had a bottle the other day with some ribs… And I still think it’s one of my favorites in the summer… I’m glad to see someone else likes it with barbecue, too.