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What Is Your Source For Wine Information ?

Where do you get and trust your wine information from?  Magazines?  Internet? Wine Blogs?  Books? Pocket Guides?  Your Local Wine Merchant?
I have been “into” wine for the past, well I do not want to tell you how many years.  But let’s put it this way, long before the internet became the tool it is today.  […]

Love and Wine: A Thirst for Romance?

The classic fairy tale of discovering a message in a bottle just took a new turn – a pretty weird one.
Here’s the premise. You’re lonely and looking for romance. Grab yourself a bottle of Soif de Coeur wine – the blue label for guys, pink for girls (give me strength) – in your choice of […]

Summertime Wine Drinking

Ahhh, summertime and the livin’ is easy!
Although the official meteorological summer season is still two weeks away, in our hearts and minds, summer is in full bloom. I live in Minnesota, where we take our summers very seriously as they seem so blessedly short. I know that when my summer comes upon me, my mind […]

Chateau Lascombes 1999 Margaux

I’ve been saving this bottle for a special occasion but every time I’ve looked at my wine rack, I’ve seen it hiding in the corner and been tempted just to open and savour it. It’s not often I get a good Bordeaux to try as they are the kind of money I don’t usually spend […]

British Columbia’s Gulf Islands Make VQA News

There’s a new appellation in British Columbia. Well, okay, it’s not really that new – two years old actually. But it arrived with so little fanfare, many people are still not aware of its existence. Even Appellations America only recently learned of the new designation that it says currently encompasses just over 100 acres.
The Gulf […]

Wine tech for the gadget lover

Over the past couple weeks, three different gadgets crossed my IntarTubes and I really wanted to share them, if only because I could get a laugh out of one of them.
First, the laugh.
We all know that wines should be served at certain temperatures. Reds should, generally, be a little chilled, 5-10F below room temperature. Whites […]