How Much Of A “Wine Enthusiast” Are You?

img_0981-1.jpgSometimes do you ever wonder how involved in wine have you become?  Addict? Geek?  Nope. 

I would like to classify myself as a “Wine Enthusiast”.  The word Enthusiast is a noun.  A quick definition: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity. (Like sipping a marvelous glass of wine?)  Encarta World Dictionary describes it as a person deeply involved in something.  Synonyms: fan, fanatic, buff, aficionado, devotee, supporter.  Hey, I think I just might fit into all of those categories!  Except when you say the word aficionado, I think of cigars.

How much of a Wine Enthusiast are you? 
-Throw pillows around the house have wine bottles pictured on them
-You name your cat or dog after your favorite wine (go fetch Pinot!  Come here Ms. Sauvignon you pretty little kitty!)
-Are any of your walls painted the color of the wine in your glass?
-How about the guest bathroom – towels and linens are, guess what color
-All the candles in your house have wine scents
-Your favorite toenail polish is purple
-While you are eating your oatmeal at breakfast you think, wow, I wonder what wine would pair with this!
-All the vinegars in your kitchen cabinet are wine vinegars
-Your favorite music to pour by is Neil Diamonds “Red, Red, Wine”
-Of course your favorite fruits are grapes, white and red
-You know you have a blog to do.  It is 93 degrees outside and all that is in the wine rack are Cabernets and Zins – you immediately hop into the car and head to the nearest wine shop for a refreshing white to try and then blog.  I love dedication!
-First thing you do when you hit the room on vacation is pull out the phone directory and go to the wine shop listings
-Conversing at a party regarding champagne you mention “Did you know that the air pressure in a bottle of champagne is the same as a city bus tire???” You may get a few strange looks, oh well. It starts another conversation!
-The topper is – when you cook you wear the same shirt all the time.  Of course while you are cooking, you are sipping a nice glass of red wine because you will be adding that to something on the stove.  As you are cooking, oops, a big drip happens to jump onto that shirt you have on.  The “real enthusiast” will take a marker, circle that spot of wine and write the name of the type of wine that has just left that purple stain on the cooking shirt!  Ya know, it could be the next fashion statement!!

OK, enough of my enthusiasm.  Leave me a comment and tell me how much of a “Wine Enthusiast” you really are! 


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Reader Comments

Hmm, based on this list, I think I rank as a ‘Wine Drinker’ (despite the fact that I blog here too =).

Well I dont ware nail varnish and my cats name is Marmite… but I would hope into the car for something!