Wine for a Cause

So, sure, normally, the cause I’m supporting when I’m having some wine is the ‘I really wanna relax’ cause, and, occasionally, the ‘I could stand to be not sober’ cause.

But, as I was digging around the wine aisle, I found a number of wines that supported a bigger cause and, aside from giving me that little warm feeling inside, it also gave me the idea for a post, as you’ve no doubt been able to figure out by now.

I’m sure I won’t be covering all of the wines and wineries that donate, and I’m sure all my dear readers will be happy to give me other options, but let’s start with these few….

Big Tattoo Wines - Originally, they started their donations to honor their late mother who suffered from cancer. They gave to a Hospice in Virginia, but their donations now vary on a state by state basis. Enjoying a sip in the Alaskan midnight? The Alaska Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America will see a donation. Saying ayuh down east? The Jax Foundation gets lucky.

Dunham Cellars - Dunham produces a chardonnay and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund the fight against breast cancer.

Humanitas Wines - Humanitas is all about charity, as you can read here. Not only do they want to donate to the local charities, they also give you the option when using their website to pick a local charity that you want to get the donation. Well, maybe. Sort of depends on the state in which you live. Some states aren’t listed at all. Some states only have a single choice. Some have almost too many choices (I’m looking at you, California).

Armida Winery - Armida donates part of the proceeds of their special pink edition Poizin (which, as an aside, I need to get. Etched skull? Coffin box? I almost don’t care what it tastes like.).

Banrock Station Wines - Banrock Station doesn’t so much give to charity as they are a very ecologically friendly winery, working to make their winery as environmentally friendly as possible.

DOGZ Wine - DOGZ donates to three causes, but, the amount they donate are actually meted out by vote. Whatever people vote for, that charity gets that percentage of the donations. The only thing that makes me a bit disappointed is that there aren’t any canine related charities on the list. But they do list Wildlife Warriors, so that’s close.

And this doesn’t count all sorts of wine tasting events that combine charitable opportunities with the chance to try some far out wines.  I should also point out that I can’t speak to how much money is donated on each individual bottle, nor can I speak to whether your company will match your charitable donations made through purchases of wine.
So, what’s your favorite charitable winery? What winery/cause did I miss?

(All pictures care of their respective winery)

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Reader Comments

Love the post.
I find myself strangely attracted to the Armida…
I’ve never heard of most of the wines though — Banrock Station, sure, coz their huge; but not the others.
According to my friends at a lot of wineries seem to be getting into Carbon Zero and Carbon neutral winemaking. It’s not quite charity, but it’s good for the environment, which I guess is good for all of us.