What to Do When in Rome

Not that I am advocating you take any steps to put yourself in this position, but should you be in Rome and find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you might find their jail an interesting sort of place.  Just South of Rome is the Rehabilitation Program at Velletri Prison.  While serving time, inmates blend and bottle wine made from grapes grown right in the jail’s three-hectacre vineyard.  Fancy that!

The prisoners are also part of the management and sale of the 50,000 bottles they produce annually.  Gourmet magazine picked a Novello called Fuggiasco (or “fugitive”) as their fave.

“The primary goal is to train inmates to do useful things. We also want to be part of the fabric of this country, so naturally, some things are very Italian,” said Rodolfo Craia, an agronomist who shepherds the prisoners through the intricacies of winemaking.

“We are surrounded by vineyards,” he said, gesturing to nearby fields in the Castelli Romani district, known for its whites. “What better than to make wine?”

Could have made the whole Paris Hilton debacle far more interesting.

Photo from InItaly.com.

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