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1996 Prado Enea from Bodegas Muga

Sometimes we figure we just need a treat – no special occasion, just a treat for the sake of it. One such evening a couple of weeks ago, we popped the cork on a bottle of 1996 Prado Enea from Bodegas Muga.
“Massive fruit, subtlety, maturity, complexity, and elegance” was the descriptor in John Radford’s classic […]

How Much Of A “Wine Enthusiast” Are You?

Sometimes do you ever wonder how involved in wine have you become?  Addict? Geek?  Nope. 
I would like to classify myself as a “Wine Enthusiast”.  The word Enthusiast is a noun.  A quick definition: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity. (Like sipping a marvelous glass of wine?)  Encarta World Dictionary describes it […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat

Living in Minnesota has its rewards; a brief but beautiful summertime, numerous lakes, rivers and streams, gorgeous open plains and dense forests, fresh air and a high quality of life. It’s becoming more known for its restaurants and food scene, and gets either high praise or dubious press over the local professional sports teams.
One thing […]

Indian Summers, Spices, and Mangalore

Jodi Rogers, our illustrious wizard of special events at the Cambie Liquor store, has been poking fun at us of late. “You guys are just all about wine, aren’t you?” she said to me when I bumped into her a few weeks ago. “You never come to any of our other tastings – it’s just […]

Wine for a Cause

So, sure, normally, the cause I’m supporting when I’m having some wine is the ‘I really wanna relax’ cause, and, occasionally, the ‘I could stand to be not sober’ cause.
But, as I was digging around the wine aisle, I found a number of wines that supported a bigger cause and, aside from giving me that […]

Dashe Cellars 2004 & 2005 Zinfandel Vertical Tasting

I thought for this post I would try a mini vertical of some highly acclaimed Zinfandel from the Dry Creek Valley in California. I personally think that the Dry Creek Valley is one of the premier Zinfandel growing regions in the world. Saturday night we tried the Dashe Cellars 2004 Dry Creek Zinfandel and […]

Chianti Classico

I helped out at a trade event this week which was all about Chianti Classico. It was held at the Dali Museum in London, quite a “surreal” location for a wine event. There were 37 tables all devoted to Chianti Classico plus a table of 1997 vintages and a Masterclass.
It was a wonderful opportunity to […]

The Italian Wine Train

It is called the ‘Montalcino Express’ and it started work last month. The wine train is organised by Roberto Cipresso (2006 Wine Oscar), Giovanni Negri and Fabio Leccisotti in collaboration with the Province of Siena, the Province of Grossetto, Centostazioni, Finanziaria Senese di Sviluppo, Seatrain, SanPellegrino-Acqua Panna, Grana Padano.
The train will travell all around the Val […] adds Wine Lover’s Companion

Everyone and his mother knows and uses Wikipedia. I even saw the presenters use it on BBC News 24 last week. I’ve used it myself on a few occasions in researching for wine details, in many areas it is lacking though.
I have been a fan of for awhile, they offer a little desktop widget […]

What to Do When in Rome

Not that I am advocating you take any steps to put yourself in this position, but should you be in Rome and find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you might find their jail an interesting sort of place.  Just South of Rome is the Rehabilitation Program at Velletri Prison.  While serving time, […]