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It’s time for Rosé game

Really, it is! Rosé wines, a time underdog, now very cool, are living a period of transition: they are reaching more wine lovers and, overall, wine lovers like them. For example, American wine lovers are showing more and more interest for this kind of wine: and sales go up ( 40%). In particular the ones of […]

Toads Are Loose On Great Grape Day!

Welcome to Great Grape Tuesday! Summer is officially here so ice up the coolers, fire up the grill and get outside and have some fun! And there is no other refreshing wine during the heat of the day than a nicely chilled Rosé! Believe me, this wine is always at the top of my list […]

Welcome to Great Grape Day VII - Rosé

A slight change from the ‘norm’ for this edition of Great Grape Day - rather than a specific grape variety we are taking a look at that great spring time treat - Rosé wine.
The intention is not to provide comprehensive coverage of all things rosé, but rather for our happy band of writers to provide […]

Keeping the Faith of Terroir

I have the faith. I believe in terroir.
What prompted this public assertion? A couple of weeks ago I was reading a posting by Alder Yarrow from Vinography commenting on an article about terrior that had been published in T Style magazine (New York Times). The premise: does terroir exist? And can it be proven, or […]

To Your Health with Champagne!

When raising a glass of Champagne and toasting ‘Cheers’, the sentiment is generally a way of praising one’s health and well being in a figurative way.
Now, from an article found on Wine Spectator Online, a study is highlighted where according to research done at the University of Reading in England and the Università degli studi […]

Wine Behind The Art - Labels

Looking for something fun to do while you are escaping the summer heat in your local wine shop or supermarket?  Stroll down the wine aisle and check out the fun wine labels that wineries are now using.  Some of them are just too cool!  I have spent numerous hours reading and viewing these wine labels.  […]

Book Review: Red, White and Drunk All Over…A Wine Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass by Natalie MacLean

There are definitely perks to being a part of WellFed, as I found out recently when I received a personal email from author Natalie MacLean asking me if I would be interested in receiving her free online newsletter, NatDecants. She had received my name from this very site, Wine Sediments, and mentioned that her newsletter […]

Kendall Jackson’s The Art of Terroir

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Kendall-Jackson is launching ‘The Art of Terroir,’ a coffee table book filled with exquisite images giving a rare and insider’s glimpse to their private and elite mountain and hillside estate vineyards. Located in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties, these 14,000 acres of elevated, coastal vineyards are […]

The 2W: Women & Wine

Man or woman? This is the last wine issue, maybe. The power of woman in choosing and buying wine is growing more and more, at least in Italy. According to a new study from Vinitaly released by Eta Meta Research, woman are changing the way we look at the wine world: she knows more about wine, about how […]

w00t, I say. w00t indeed.

So, if you’re like me, I feel very sorry for you.
HA! Just kidding. Now where was I? Oh yeah, if you’re like me, you’re a bit of a geek. So, a lot of what I’m about to discuss is probably old news to you. But, I’d wager some of you […]