Tasting one hundred rosés

OK, I’ll admit it from the start I really didn’t taste 100 rosés for Great Grape Day but I did have the opportunity.

This week is the London International Wine & Spirit Fair and there is a special stand dedicated to the top 100 rosés as judged by a group of distinguished wine trade people. The wines were grouped into various price points from under £5.00 to £12.50 and over with a range in between. I managed to taste around 30 of them before I decided I was getting a bit jaded. There is only so often you can describe different shades of pink and various intensities of strawberries and raspberries. However the standard was very high and it was a great way to identify some personal favourites for drinking in the garden this summer.

My favourite in the under £5.00 category was Domaine de Pellehaut rose 2006, a deep pink with a complex nose of strawberries and peaches with something a bit floral. In the over £12.50 category it was my first chance to taste Laurent Perrier Cuvee rosé brut NV, a wine that sells a lot in the Oddbins where I occasionally work especially around special days such as Valentines Day. At around £45 it’s not an every day wine.

In the other price categories I was impressed by a Seidelberg Muscadel RosÉ)  NV from South Africa. I’ve never tried a Muscadel based rosé before. This was a pale pink and all floral and honey on the nose with a good long finish. A Chilean rosé, Chocolan 2006, was an interesting blend of Syrah and Petit Verdot with lots of strawberries on the nose and in the mouth and a good finish. The widely available Selaks Merlot RosÉ)  2006 from New Zealand was also impressive.

My own favourite from my friends at The Secret Cellar in Tunbridge Wells was not in the tasting however. it’s a German from Pfalz, Villa Wolf Pinot Noir 2005. It’s an absolute perfect summer wine.

And speaking of summer, this happened to be the warmest day in London for some time so was an auspicious day to taste rosés.

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I decided against going to the show this year but now feeling guilty that I missed out on all these (and plenty of other) wines! I must hunt out that Villa Wolf…