Rosé… You don’t have to drink up the red wine…

Apologies to Sting and the Police…A bottle of I'M Rosé

Another Great Grape Day, another wine I don’t usually drink.

We hear from our wonderful litre….err.. leader middle of the month, letting us know what we have to look forward to, and look forward we do. Well, I do. Can’t speak for the others.

When I heard our mission this month was rosé, I was a little nervous, and not just because of the possible puns and the race to pick one no one else would pick[1], but, well, me and the lovely lady don’t generally drink chilled wines, outside of the dessert variety, and since the diabetes hit me, I don’t even drink those.

So, it was off to the supermarket to try and pick a wine. Luckily, since rosé pair so well with BBQ, and it is BBQ season here now, the endcap was piled high with them.

I read the lovely signs, describing the wonderful wines, and saw a friendly little wine called I’M. I mean, really. I’M Rosé. How much more friendly could you be?[2] A wine that introduces itself to you.

And the description let me know that if this wines grapes, of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, were made into Cab, it’d be at least twice the price.

Well, that sold me. Maybe this wine will be red enough to make us like it. Or maybe even….. love it?

Well, probably not.

It wasn’t entirely bad. I guess I should take a moment and list out the sensual feelings created by the wine, right? I never really got that, but… here goes:

Eyes: Cranberry juice, pink and clear. Put this in a juice glass and you wouldn’t notice. Well, until you smelled it….

Nose: Now that I’ve called it out as cranberry juice, it actually smells juice like. A little sweet, hints of papaya. It is actually a bit more complex than I’d have expected from a Rosé. So maybe what I said a moment ago doesn’t hold through the nose, but maybe the taste…

Mouth: A little dry, a little fizzy. I actually was reminded of a champagne, but lighter. Slightly sour. Big. It definitely tastes reminiscent of a Cab. In fact, if you look at a glass of Cab, and then lighten it up, making it more clear, this tastes exactly like you’d think that watered down Cab would. It is almost a little disturbing.

Ears: Glug glug glug.

Touch: It feels… wet. Odd that, eh?

See, I just don’t get the whole ‘using all senses’ to taste the wine, the whole wine.

Now, again, I can’t say I love this wine. But, I’ll admit, I like it. The lovely lady, however, isn’t too fond of it, so I’m not sure we’ll be drinking I’M again. But, on the other hand, I’m glad I tried it.

I like trying new wines, new varietals.

A little more about I’M wines. As I said above/below, I’M are the initials for Isabel Mondavi. I’M wines are Robert Mondavi’s wines dedicated to his mother, the varietals and growing regions she loves. They have a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir as well, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the Pinot.

[1] In honor of Memorial Day here in the US, I almost went for “Rosé can you see?”, but figured that was a little too easy.

[2] Ok, I’M is actually the initials of Isabel Mondavi, Rob’s mother.

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Reader Comments

Lovely lady chiming in…

I admit that I’m biased against whites and roses. I just haven’t had many I like. However, I will say that this wine was much better when warmed slightly. I think part of my hangup is that I just don’t like my wine cold.

So if you’re like me and just can’t see drinking cold wine, you could certainly try this one and chill it for about half the amount of time you’d normally chill a white. Maybe that’s what I need to do in order to work my way into white wines. Start having them only slightly chilled, and then gradually work my way into fully chilled wines.

As for other roses, I did like the Dry Rose from Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Now I’m the opposite - I love my wines well chilled and usually realise I have over chilled them! This, of course, usually deadens a wine especially rosés.