It’s time for Rosé game

Really, it is! Rosé wines, a time underdog, now very cool, are living a period of transition: they are reaching more wine lovers and, overall, wine lovers like them. For example, American wine lovers are showing more and more interest for this kind of wine: and sales go up ( 40%). In particular the ones of Provence Rosè, in some way the spritual ‘homeland’ of this typology of wine.

I want to present you a curiosity: last year, American restaurants added Rosé wines on their wine charts for the first time. In some cases, they have had also entire pages devoted to these wines. Efrain Madrigal, wine director for Sam’s Wine and Spirits, said that for some reasons Rosé sales in restaurants rised during the last year (we are talking around 25%).

And, of course, someone seizes an opportunity doing Rosé marketing. It is the case of Stormhoek Winery from South Africa with its new release called Couture. Stormhoek’s CEO, Jason Korman, said: ‘Wine is not a distribution game anymore. It is a communication game’. And probabily today Rosè wines are the best ones to play this game. Do you know why?

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