I hate rosé

I admit that I can be a snob when it comes to rosé. I hate them and don’t mind telling people I hate them. They’re for new wine drinkers, who will, by the grace of God, realize that Syrah rules the wine world!.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit heavy handed. But I really don’t care for those blush “white zins” and fruit flavored blush wines. They’re just too sweet, too syrupy, too overdone.

Or so I thought… Then I tried something a bit different. Something not oversweet, not oversyrupy, not over anything. In fact, it’s more pulled back than over done. Toad Hollow has a rosé that is made from the Pinot Noir grape called “Eye of the Toad”. And it comes across as a light version of the standard Pinot Noir. It’s suited to summer, I think, with a nice feel to it. I like it chilled as well as not chilled. I like it to sit and drink on a hot evening or to have with barbecued chicken.

So now I shut up when people talk about rosé. I don’t look down my nose at their lack of taste. Don’t get me wrong - I still avoid white zins! But now I have a blush wine to drink, and it looks enough like those oversweet wines that I can get people to try something a bit more, without it being too much more.

If you get a chance, try Toad Hollow’s Eye of the Toad Rosé!

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Reader Comments

BTW in France nobody has ever seen or heard of anything like what Americans call “white zin” or “blush wine.” A rosé is a rosé and if you’re willing to pay a mere five dollars or more, you can get some excellent ones. It seems their quality has gone up significantly over the past ten years.

Betty, I wouldn’t expect white zin in France at all. :) But I have heard that French rosés can be pretty good… I’ve just avoided the whole category due to having had to drink a white zin or two in the past!

wish we had never heard of them in the UK either!

Andrew, I hear white zin is THE wine to go with overcooked veggies! :)