Goobye Tocai

Do you know anything about Tocai Friulano? It’s one of the best Fiuli-based wine.

According to a law proclaimed by the EU, the Friulian winemakers can’t call this wine Tocai anymore. Reason? Because of there is the “real” Tocaj in Hungary and thus the name may cause confusion between the two.

All started when Hungary came to an agreement with the EU regarding the wine appellation’s safeguard, in particular the one regarding Tocaj name. Conclusion? To safeguard it now it’s impossible for the Friulan winemakers to use the similar Italian name Tocai. But, I add: the two wines are really different!

Let’s see: the Friulian Tocai has a delicate and pleasant fragrance, a sourt of dry taste and a bitter aftertaste. Instead, the hungarian Tocaj is produced with Furmint and Harslevelu grapes which give it a taste more like a passito and very alcoholic.

Do you think they are the same?

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