Do I like Semillon?

I’ve never really liked Semillon.

I’m afraid I associate it, probably unfairly, with white Bordeaux blends which I just don’t appreciate. I’ll drink anything but presented with a white Bordeaux I’ll usually say “no thanks”.

I bought a decent one from a reputable wine merchant recently to rid myself of my bias but nothing has changed since trying it. I’ll be giving the second bottle to a friend.

I listened to a podcast some time ago (can’t recall whose it was) that was emphasising just how good Hunter Valley Semillons were so I went out and bought Tyrell’s Lost Block as an experiment. I wasn’t as blown away by it as the podcast suggested I would be but maybe that’s because it was still quite young and it’s the older Semillons I understand that seem to develop the weight that gives the grape it’s character.

Since then I’ve noticed how my favourite grape book describes young Hunter Valley Semillons - “battery acid“. I explained my views to a friend who works at a local wine merchant and he recommended the Semillon in the picture. I’ll be trying it soon to see if it helps me change my opinion.

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