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Then & Now, Dry Creek Vineyard’s Fume’ Blanc

Cleaning out a much needed space on one of my bookshelves, I came across a notebook that was quite dusty.  Oh my gosh, it was my first book of wine tasting notes, dated 1992.  It was fun paging through and seeing what I had written back then.  Turning to my “American” section, I spotted a […]

Of Harleys and Wine

Maybe Harley motorcycles and whiskey. For sure, Harleys and cold beer. But wine???
Well, yes. So what is considered the perfect pairing for chrome pipes, opulent leather and custom paint jobs? A V-Twin Zin, courtesy of V-Twin Vineyards in Sonoma, California. V-Twin is described as a ‘full throttle red’; the 2004 Zinfandel is the first offering […]

Calling All Centenarians: The Wine Century Club

If you’ve been sipping Assyrtiko, Ehrenfelser, Xarel-lo, or Zweigelt lately, chances are you’re eligible for membership in the Wine Century Club. Now more than two years old, this obviously fun-loving group of wine enthusiasts was founded by Deborah and Steve De Long in the spirit of adventurous wine drinkers everywhere. Now I ask you, do […]

Goobye Tocai

Do you know anything about Tocai Friulano? It’s one of the best Fiuli-based wine.
According to a law proclaimed by the EU, the Friulian winemakers can’t call this wine Tocai anymore. Reason? Because of there is the “real” Tocaj in Hungary and thus the name may cause confusion between the two.
All started when Hungary came to […]

Semillon: Plain Jane or Belle of the Ball

Tonight’s wine tasting gives new meaning to the word “contrast”. On the table are two wines from Down Under: a Parri Estate and a Noble One Botrytis Semillon from De Bortoli. Both wines are 2004 vintages, both are 100% Semillon, and that’s about where the similarity ends.
First up is the Parri Estate (shown right harversting […]

Do I like Semillon?

I’ve never really liked Semillon.
I’m afraid I associate it, probably unfairly, with white Bordeaux blends which I just don’t appreciate. I’ll drink anything but presented with a white Bordeaux I’ll usually say “no thanks”.
I bought a decent one from a reputable wine merchant recently to rid myself of my bias but nothing has changed since […]

Semillon. ‘S wonderful. ‘S marvelous. Well, one of out three.

On first glance your high school science knowledge, coupled with a mistaken quick read, would make you think that Semillon is shorthand for half a million, just like I did. But no! In fact, it’s pronounced Semi-Yawn.
Which, frankly, when it comes to most white wines is what I start doing!
But I do happen to have […]

Great Grape Day — “Semi-Yawn?”

When the message came across from Andrew, informing us that this month’s “Great Grape” was going to be Semillon, my first thought was “Wha’?” Semi-yawn? What? I asked someone at my wine store, and they said, “Yes, it’s the main grape in Sauternes“. Sow turns? I admit — I still have a lot to learn.

Honestly, […]

Meet Semillon

When our editor Andrew informs us of the grape for Great Grape Day, I often shield my eyes. As the resident wine rookie, odds are I will have no idea what it is and usually won’t know if it’s red or white (a testament to Andrew’s ability to pick interesting and uncommon grapes). […]

Global Semillon

This French white variety is a grape making up 80% of the blend in the most expensive and famous dessert wine in the world, Château d’Yquem. Consistently productive at six to eight tons per acre and of vigorous vines, Semillon is easy to cultivate. That is the reason for what it’s cultivated all around […]