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A Quick Guide To Chianti

Sangiovese is the backbone to Italy’s most famous red wine - Chianti.  
Thanks to the distinctive, and now notoriously naff, packaging bulbous, straw wrapped, flasks Chianti was one of the most instantly recognisable wines in the world. Generally a light, acidic wine it was just perfect for washing down a pizza or quick pasta dishes.
But […]

Welcome To Great Grape Day V - Sangiovese

Welcome to Wine Sediments’ fifth Great Grape Day.This month we turn to a great Italian grape - Sangiovese. The intention is not to provide comprehensive coverage of all things Sangiovese, but rather for the team to provide interesting snippets on a unified theme. As with our last Great Grape Day, which covered Sauvignon Blanc, you won’t find details […]

Under 10 wines: let’s go with great young wines in Verona

One of the newest tasting at the coming edition of Vinitaly is dedicated to Under 10 - organised by VeronaFiere in collaboration with one of the most famous Italian wine magazine Civiltà del Bere. The event is scheduled on Friday 30 March at 10.30 in the Argento Hall.
This tasting aims to emphasize the results of […]

Kunde Estate Offers Green Hiking Tours

If a winter spent sipping wine by the fireplace has left you pining for exercise — with a bit of wine-tasting mixed in, of course — Kunde Estate in Kenwood, California is offering a new activity which fits the bill. Designed for hiking and wine enthusiasts, the winery’s “Eco-Tours” and “Sustainable Winegrowing Hikes” enhance public […]

Waiting for Vinitaly 2007

Around 4.300 exhibitors will be at the 41th edition of one of the most important wine fairs in the world: Vinitaly, to be held in Verona, Italy, from 29th March to 2nd April.
Offering more than 84,000 square meters of wine exhibits, an increase over the last event thanks to a new pavilion (7B) which follows […]

Thresher 40% Off Voucher - Another Success?

Threshers, the UK nationwide Off-Licence chain, met with huge success last December with a money off voucher. Such promotions are not usually known for making national (and international) news and front pages of the press.
But this promotion was different. It used the viral nature of blogs to spread the word of the voucher across the […]

Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Now On Ipod

Wine Spectator have released their Top 100 Wines of 2006 for the iPod.
Each year, Wine Spectator surveys the wines they have reviewed over the past twelve months and select the most exciting for the Top 100. This year, using Mogopop, these Top 100 Wines have been compiled into a portable, take-it-anywhere guide for iPod.
“The Top 100 […]

Wine Winners From Washington DC Wine Festival

While at the Washington DC Wine & Food Festival last weekend I discovered 2 wineries that made quite an impression on me. 
The first was Staete Landt from Marlborough, New Zealand.  Staete Landt is owned by Ruud Maasdam and Dorien Vermaas. Ruud is also the winemaker.  They produce 7,000 cases of estate wines.  Staete Landt is […]

Where is the Tuscan Coast Myth?

A team of Decanter wine experts has tasted 186 wines coming from the so-called Tuscan Coast, but only 4 of them have received a 4 stars score and only one a 5 stars score.
The Tuscan Coast definition unites the production of several areas: Belgheri, Val di Cornia, Merellino di Scansano, Monteregio, Montecucco and Colline […]

Castle of Dracula Marsecco & Prosecco

Apparently the Castle of Dracula Marsecco was presented in the goodie bag to the great and the good who attended the 2006 Brit Awards. The bottles other claim to fame - and one perhaps of slightly more interesting - is that it is bottled by the last living descendant of Count Dracula.
In the UK the […]