Wine Industry Must Court Youth

A survey of 100 twenty-somethings, commissioned by VinExpo, seems to indicate a large, largely untapped market of potential wine drinkers.

Twenty individuals from each of the following cities: London, Paris, Brussels, New York and Tokyo, participated in the international survey of 20-25 year old occasional wine drinkers and shared their thoughts on wine and the wine industry.

According to the results, younger wine drinkers are eager beavers, but a bit baffled by all of the traditional hooplah.

They felt it difficult, amidst a mountain of styles, jargon, and perceived snobbery, to find a foothold in the wine world in order to explore their burgeoning curiosity. points out that this finding is contrary to a survey that the magazine itself conducted; one which had a larger sample size (n=500), but gives no indication as to the global reach of the questionnaire.

Decanter’s version found that relative ‘youngsters‘ were very interested (and not necessarily skittish of the industry’s reputation) in pursuing a better understanding of wines.

The responses also showed that, in selective circumstances, people within that particular age group would welcome marketing campaigns and incentives targeted specifically at their demographic. With the folding, earlier this year, of the young and hip Wine X magazine, following what the editor scathingly calls a lack of support from marketing and wine-related sources, it will be interesting to see if anyone else steps up to the plate to tackle the twenty-somethings, fruit apparently ripe for the picking, but difficult to hold the attention of.

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The business school I teach at in France gives a few (required) wine-tasting classes, the idea being that the students mustn’t be ignorant abour the wine they may be drinking at future business lunches and dinners. The classes do manage to “hook” a few students on wine, but I wonder if they also get the idea that wine is something “for business occasions” and not a drink they could work into their social lives. At any rate, when they go out few, few of them drink wine — it’s hard liquor, mixed drinks and pastis all the way.

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