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Sangiovese screams spring and summer to me. Why? Because it just seems to go so well with grilled foods! I do a lot of outdoor cooking, and Sangiovese is a great match for a lot of what I like to cook. It goes so well with barbecued foods like pork and brisket, as well as being a strong enough wine to hold up to highly spiced shishkabobs.

As Super Tuscan wines got more popular, Sangiovese wines seemed to be produced more and more in California. Imagery Winery’s Sangiovese is one of my favorites. Ok, most of their wines end up on my favorites list! The thing is, you can only get them directly from the winery (either in person or online/telephone). From the Imagery Winery website:

Most Sangioveses produced in California’s coastal districts are closer in style to Italian versions made in the Montalcino zone or on the Maremma coast than those made in Chianti (that is, they are firmer, somewhat richer wines–like this one). It is a supple, full-bodied, ripely flavored wine, that is moderately rich, and long on the finish. It tastes of plum, black cherry, toast, oak, and tobacco.

Again and again, I’m impressed with the Imagery bottelings. Produced by the Benziger family as a small winery, they produce exceptional wines again and again. Sangiovese is one of my favorites, as it seems to match very well with the type of foods I tend to cook, barbecue and grilled pork, beef, lamb and game. More than Cabs and Syrahs (also wines I love), Sangiovese just goes with outdoor cooking

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