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We must have brought this upon ourselves, in ratings conscious America. Five star dining, 7 point seat belts, 12 step programs. Now we have the ultimate wine rating service.

Just wine points claims we have no time for the details, we want access to the top wines. No clutter, no hassle, just the best rated wines. no descriptions, just points. And nothing under 90 points.

dsc01702sm.jpgLast week I was in Napa and ran across a reunion of sorts, Mike Grgich talking with Steven Spurrier. I wonder what they’d think of this.

30 years ago they challenged the conventional wisdom, which assumed European wines were superior to California. The judgement of Paris leveled the playing field, and opened up dialogue. It changed wine making, in Europe and in California, and created a synergy between the Old World and the New.

Now we have just wine points. What next? Wine flavored dipping dots?

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