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Sangiovese Postscript

All right, so I didn’t write an article about Sangiovese for Tuesday’s Great Grape Day. But I did find the coolest photo. The problem was, like Ken, I had some…let’s say…technical issues.
But a few days after deadline, the photographer who had taken what may be the most striking Sangiovese photo on the Web (I sure […]

Wine Industry Must Court Youth

A survey of 100 twenty-somethings, commissioned by VinExpo, seems to indicate a large, largely untapped market of potential wine drinkers.
Twenty individuals from each of the following cities: London, Paris, Brussels, New York and Tokyo, participated in the international survey of 20-25 year old occasional wine drinkers and shared their thoughts on wine and the wine […]

Amarone Meets Rossini and Callas

Frank’s Food and Wine Pairing
I’ve always wondered why Rossini retired at the height of his fame. One day he was at the peak of popularity, the next he vanished from the musical scene of his day.
The story goes that he decided to quit writing operas so he could go home, eat, and enjoy the company […]

Wine and Food Matching Notes From Imbibe Magazine

Imbibe is a UK bi-monthly targeting the on-trade wine and drinks market. It is not really the type of magazine we cover over on Paper Palate but I thought there are a couple of interesting wine articles that deserved a wider audience.
Over on The Spirit World I’ve covered the magazines Vodka Tasting but it was […]

Sangiovese - 2004 Pieri Rosso di Montalcino

Welcome to my great grape post on Sangiovese. 
This post has been a bit of an adventure for me.  As someone who reviews wine for a living, it shouldn’t be so hard.  First, the wines I requested didn’t show up until today.  I was supposed to have them on Saturday.  The only wine I requested that […]

Imagery Sangiovese

Sangiovese screams spring and summer to me. Why? Because it just seems to go so well with grilled foods! I do a lot of outdoor cooking, and Sangiovese is a great match for a lot of what I like to cook. It goes so well with barbecued foods like pork and brisket, as well as […]

Sangiovese With Food

That great little book by Brian St Pierre, The Wine Lover Cooks Italian, has several suggestions for matching Sangiovese with food.
His Tips to Successful Matches with Chianti suggests

The Tuscan speciality crostini - thin slices of toasted bread rubbed with olive oil and spread with chicken liver is a perfect match, as is calves’ liver and […]

Rosso di Montepulciano

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is long-known fine Tuscan wine. Francisco Redi, a 17th century Italian physician, naturalist, and poet, concluded his poem Bacco in Toscana (Bacchus in Tuscany) with the line “Montepulciano of every wine is king“.
My experience mirrors that. I started drinking Italian wine with Chianti, as many do – and I discovered Montepulciano in […]

Rise of the Super-Tuscans

It’s a cry that has echoed through every art form at some time or another: that rigidity limits creativity, and limits the potential of that art to reach its greatest form. The winemakers of Italy, and today’s “Great Grape”, Sangiovese, are no exception and have battled governmental rigidity to establish their own niche in the […]

Bio-Dynamic Sangiovese from the Inner Circle

Two producers of Sangiovese in Tuscany that follow Bio-Dynamic methods are Querciabella and Castello dei Rampolla.
Both make Chianti Classico. Neither make a Riserva. Each one makes a Chianti Classico that eclipses many a Riserva from other producers and catches up to a few Brunellos in quality too.
Querciabella lies in Greve and Rampolla is in Panzano, about 10 […]