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Open That (Big) Bottle!

My husband and I had hauled around this magnum bottle of 1988 Gaillac red wine for 15 years. It was a going-away gift when we left the Tarn department, where Gaillac is located, and it had taken rides in moving trucks from Albi to Tours in 1992, then from Tours to Rodez in 1995.
I would […]

Open That Bottle Night - “A Special Occasion” in Acton, MA

My wife and I love the concept of “Open That Bottle Night” as it presents a “special occasion” and a good excuse for us to dip into our wine cellar. 
We review wines for a living for the website and have a lot of wine on hand as samples to drink.  As a result, much of our […]

Open That Bottle… or not

Not all plans come to fruition. Just as not all bottles loveingly squirrelled away, fawned over, and stroked (OK, that’ll be just me then!) meet expectations.I have had this single bottle of Côte Rôtie in my ‘cellar’ for years. It never seemed the right moment to open it. Like many I guess the longer a […]

Think Pink — Pause and Reflect

On February 24, the Noble Circle Project of Dayton holds its annual “Wear Affair” fashion show luncheon fundraiser. The Noble Circle is a group of breast cancer survivors helping other women with cancer reclaim health through holistic methods. They have created an incredibly supportive, vibrant community — a true source of strength and hope.
My significant […]


Every year for the last 6 or so years at Vinitaly, Sicily has been front-and-center in the advance of Italian wine. Wineries such as Planeta and Donnafugata have raised the bar of expectations, while other lesser known wineries, such as Arancio and Colosi have increased interest in easier to access styles of wine. More established […]

Italian native vineyards: Negroamaro

Negroamaro is an ancient red wine grape variety in the South of Italy. In particular it’s widespread in Salento, the region in which I live. But it’s usually to see it in all Puglia, the southern region within Salento is. We are talking on the tacco d’Italia, that is to say the heel of Italy.
It’s […]

Bag-In-Box Wines

Seeing how Wine Blogging Wednesday has bag-in-box and other non-bottle packaging as its theme this month it is a great coincidence that Fine Cooking magazine has an article on exactly the same subject. An email highlighted the piece just as I was penning some thoughts on Spittoon on the WBW theme.
My past experience of bag-in-box […]

Wine Teams Up with Sports

The connection between wine drinkers and sports might not be readily apparent, but according to Reuters, there definitely is one.   Market research company Nielsen conducted a study to find out which sports fans drink the most wine.  Turns out, the unlikely group that holds that distinction are fans of women’s golf.  Who knew?
The same study found that ”wine consumption among U.S. […]

Valentine’s Day Is Not For Snobs

I have to admit that I think I have better taste in wine than my wife has. Typically, when we’re out, I will select a wine to drink. I try to take into account what I know she likes or doesn’t like, but, for the most part, I decide what we’ll drink.
Valentine’s Day […]

WSJ Pink Champages Recommendations

Not sure how a copy of the Wall Street Journal came my way; but the weekend edition had a nice little piece and recommendations of rosé champagnes. The tasting was held blind only with champagnes costing less than $100.
Best of Tasting - Louis Roederer Vintage 2000 Rosé ($62) “Elegant and romantic, focused and pure, with […]