Sauvignon Blanc with Food


Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most versitile of wines when it comes to matching with food. Whether your bottle comes from the hills of Sancerre or from the coast of New Zealand the style of the wine is easy to match with food. 

My newly favourite ‘wine with food book’ - What To Eat With What You Drink ( £16.07 $23.10) recommends a host of matches but for me the very best match is with cheese. From brie to Camembert and on to the classic match of Goat’s cheese Sauvignon Blanc slaps all other wines aside.

The What To Eat book agrees but goes further in suggesting -

Asparagus (try a puff pastry tart or Martita’s Awesome Asparagus)

Chicken especially fried, poached, roasted or sauteed

Fish and Seafood especially poached, sauteed, lightly grilled

Lemon flavoured dishes

Mexican dishes, especially with cilantro


Pasta served with light cream and/or seafood sauces


Salad (try the Fried Goats cheese salad with cranberries)

Raw Tomatoes

Vegetables and Vegetarian Dishes



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