Great Grape Day with I Crocioni

Sauvignon Blanc? Someone says it is an international wine, but I never tasted it till now! No, no, maybe once, I really don’t remember. Somehow, today is a special day: The Great Grape Day, and I decide to set to work. This wine usually comes from Loira, France, and it is a bit difficult to find it where I live. I talk about good Sauvignon Blanc, of course. I decide to talk with a friend of mine, owner of a restaurant, I always rest upon him. I ask him: Have you got a good Sauvignon Blanc bottle? I have to write something about it, I’d like to tast it before starting. He says: Yeah, come tonight! and other words between old friends.

So, in the evening I am in front of an Oltrepò Pavese Sauvignon Blanc from the winery Azienda Agricola Caseo. Its name is I Crocioni, it dates 2002. You may know, in fact, that due to its international nature, it’s possible to find Sauvignon Blanc in Italy too, precisely around Alto Adige e Collio, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Probably, the Sauvignons coming from Marlborough’s zone in New Zeland (you can see better Andrew’s post with his suggestions of five great SB’s from this country), or from Stellenbosch’s area in South Africa, or from Australia or California, they are more famous and important for the markets, but this Crocione produced around 70 kilometres south of Milan I think it’s very ok. Especially if accompanied with a fresh fish-based dish.

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