Feuillatte Serves Up Some Serious Moonlight

Fashion photo-goddess Donna Trope serves up a Valentine’s vision, with the help of Nicolas Feuillatte cuvée de prestige Palmes d’Or Rosé. A Champagne with cachet, meant for a different crowd, folks not afraid to stray from the Serengeti of style for the masses. The winery claims “a subtle animal hint makes this wine powerful and refined… a sublime harmony that verges on the divine.” Bring on the Valentines Day massacre.

While hopeful young romantics search in vain for a booking at their local bistro or 5 star restaurant, another gang’s take on the traditional holiday mixes anarchy and irreverence with the time-honoured sparklers.
If you’re into the crash and carry motif for Valentines Day, Nicolas Feuillatte offers their flip-flop pendant with a duo of mini champagnes, Their One Fo(u)r Rosé and the One Fo(u)r Brut, a casual “champagne quickie.”

Champagne, long seen as the fashionable side of wine, now has many makers vying for the runway and the attention of the young and hip tastemakers. From the hip-hoppers to the urban bohemians who want “nice things”, companies like Feuillatte are marketing to non traditional prospects with nice things like the One Fo(u)r Duo’s. Jeweler Jean-Marc Garel fashioned the “Ipitonga” love pendant with equal parts of precious and trailer trash, to symbolize a new break in the horizon of fashion, and social revelry.

Nicolas Feuillatte founded the brand in 1976 with his brother, where he was already a fixture on the New York party scene. Wine and style maven Martin Sinkoff discovered the bubbly maker and ramped it up into an instant hit. It became a household name in fashion Meccas like NY, LA, San Francisco and Dallas.

And while champagne may have sprung out of tradition from the dark ages, in today’s world, it’s all about attitude and pole position.

You can bet there’ll be some dancin’ this week.

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