Open That Bottle Night

February 24th has been set as Open That Bottle Night by the good folks at Wine Outlook.

The idea is that all those bottles you are saving for a special occasion need a special occasion, and what is more special than Open That Bottle Night!

Rummage in the cellar, under the stairs of where-ever you store your special wines and pick one - yep go on, any one will do. Perhaps you would like to make it even more special by designing a meal around the ’special’ or invite a few friends over for the evening. Of course a special wine does not have to be expensive. It could have been given as a gift by some one special. Or it could be a wine that brings back happy memories of when you brought it. The possibilities, as the advert for recycling showing in the UK says, are endless.

A few of us here on WS are going to go a rummaging and plan to post our specials on the 24th. 

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Reader Comments

As much as I’d love to take full credit, it was Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher from the WSJ column “Tastings” who devised the plan. I am merely an eager participant and passer on of good news. Cheers!

[…] So thank goodness for Open That Bottle Night. […]

[…] Why did I choose this bottle? Actually because the occasion of Open That Bottle Night turned into an occasion as it were important! Ok, it’s always an opening day between wine lovers from all the world, let’s say virtual, but I really did it, I uncorked it with some friends of mine: and that wine was really strong, Aglianico 100%, 14% vol., a palatable red wine. […]