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Hi everybody new WineSediments friends and readers. My name is Fabio Ingrosso, a new-boy in this eclectic network of wine writers. I am an Italian, I started an ‘activity’ called vino24 and I can’t live without … wine. I think presentations are usually boring, so let’s go with my first post. It’s about Valentines and wine, obviously.

I will introduce you into the strategy of Stormhoek winery from South Africa. Hugh Macleod is going to launch a new range of labels, something like cartoon labels. What is the topic? Lovers from all the world! The Stormoek way of marketing is very interesting: Macleod is about to begin a roadtrip across the UK visiting various Tesco stores. He will be visiting almost 50 Tesco’s stores and signing a new commemorative edition of Stormhoek lithographs, which he himself designed.

This is the first feature: travel like a fundamental part of Stormoek philosophy of life. Very interesting, also the new motto: “Music may be food of love, but wine is the drink. Welcome to the heart of Stormhoek marketing”. Do you want to know why? Because “Love reaches into far deeper places than Trust ever could”. Let’s wait to see how this new communication will finish. For the moment:

We live in interesting times, of course!

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Welcome aboard, Fabio!

Thanks and let’s hope I will be a good wine writer as well as a good wine drinker!