Great Grape Day III - Zinfandel/Primitivo

Welcome to Wine Sediments’ third Great Grape Day. This month we pass our lips over California’s champion grape Zinfandel, which to all intents and purpose is also known as Primitivo in Italy.The intention is not to provide comprehensive coverage of all things Zinfandel but rather for the team to provide interesting snippets on a unified theme. As with our last Great Grape Day, which covered Viognier, you won’t find details of planted acreage in Chile or the fermentation temperature differences used in California and New Zealand - rather a collection of interesting posts.

The team hopes you enjoy the posts. As always feedback is welcome.

Image is Zinfandel by Diana Watson available from All

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[…] Today is Great Grape Day over at Wine Sediments and they have selected my favorite red variety, Zinfandel, to feature (yea, they also threw a bone to Primitivo, too). So I looked into the ol’ cellar to see what Zin I had on hand that I hadn’t yet blogged and a St. Francis “Old Vines” Zin caught my eye. […]