Nomadic Furniture for the Jug Wine Lover

Am I the only one who missed this? Carlo Rossi jug wine, when empty, recycled into hip-tone furniture for the crib?

Years ago I had a sculpture teacher in Silicon Valley who’s father-in-law was Carlo Rossi. We used to go up to the prof’s house in San Francisco because his wife cooked for us (and she was real pretty), and we always had an endless supply of wine. It was cool.

Now all those empty jugs of Carlo Rossi wine can have a new life. Artist Jay Blazek of Seattle has created 6 do-it-yourself projects.

Go to and see for yourself. Videos outline how to make in a simple and entertaining manner.


The Cabernet Couch, just the spot to do some vertical (or horizontal) wine tastings.

-Alfonso Cevola On the Wine Trail in Italy

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See, there is a good reason to buy Carlo Rossi’s jug wine.