A link picked up from Wine Life Today (itself a site worth exploring) a link to a winery website for Caduceus.  

 You have to ask if anything could beat it in the Wine Blog Awards for it just has to be the best winery site around. I dread to think how much it cost to develop (and how easy it is to update/maintain)… maybe it will only appeal to those steeped in fantasy computer gaming…

…and yes it is flash based and does take awhile to load. To be honest I never got beyond admiring the graphics to even try and read anything about the wines. Do they measure up, quality wise, to the stunning website?

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“To be honest I never got beyond admiring the graphics to even try and read anything about the wines.”

And you call that a good web site design? It may be a cool looking multimedia project but as a web site it’s a total failure. Web site’s are primarily about information and the information on that site is completely inaccessible to many visitors not least of which are search engine bots which will try to catalog the contents of the site only to come up with zip, zilch, zero, nada. Human visitors will only be able to see the site if they have state of the art web browsers. The only thing about that site that stunned me was it’s lack of usability — I’ve got a state of the art computer and pretty good eyesight and I couldn’t read the fancy script text.

Which is of course totally true Erwin, but the internet is also a visual medium so should also stimulate the eyeballs.

The layout fits if you’re familiar with the owner’s work. He’s the frontman of the arsty progressive-metal band “Tool” Which is also why his wine sells so fast.

I, being a wine enthusiast (by no means a proficient, mind you) and an avid TOOL fan, found the Caduceus site pretty fascinating. Keenan brings over-the-top artistic vision to EVERY project he undertakes, so his wine journal could be no less than 100% engaging. It is visually stunning, yes, and the background music is intriguing, indeed, but I return to the Caduceus website on a regular basis for the content alone. Truly well-written prose from a man passionate about a great many things is a joy to read.