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How Not To Advertise A Wine

Just a passing thought on on-line wine marketing really, sparked by a comment on Spittoon about one of my pictures. A reader commented on how much she liked my pictures; which is lovely. I take little time in taking them though. I plonk the bottle, usually empty, on the table add a prop - the […]

Wine Women Awards

The Wine Women Awards is an international contest intended to recognize and empower women in the world of wine. This contest has both a professional and amateur category open to women who genuinely enjoy wine in a personal approach.
This Award is inspired by today’s women who’s growing influence and recognition play an important role in […]

Cartoon wine labels for Stormhoek

Hi everybody new WineSediments friends and readers. My name is Fabio Ingrosso, a new-boy in this eclectic network of wine writers. I am an Italian, I started an ‘activity’ called vino24 and I can’t live without … wine. I think presentations are usually boring, so let’s go with my first post. It’s about Valentines and […]

The Boston Wine Party

If you’re anywhere in the Northeastern U.S. — you should put the Boston Wine Expo on your calendar. The dates are February 10-11.
If you plan to attend, Ken Hoggins of has the definitive guide for navigating 1,800 wines from 450 vendors…

White Wine is Healthy, Too!

I was under the impression that red wine was the only type of alcohol that could be enjoyed with the excuse that it had health benefits.  For example, I would think: “Oh, I have to drink this glass of Zinfandel for my heart.  It’s more of an obligation than a luxury.  Really.” 
When I attended the […]

Event Tasting: Worlds of Healthy Flavors

I recently attended the Worlds of Healthy Flavors Retreat, which was hosted by Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard School of Public Health - Department of Nutrition from January 18-20.  The retreat was held in the stunning Napa Valley at the CIA’s Greystone campus.  The weekend was filled (I mean, really filled) with nutritional information.  To […]

When Is A Zin Not A Zin?

When it’s a Primitivo, naturally.
New world winemakers have, albeit grudgingly, abided by law that you cannot call a wine made outside of a given European region, by the name of that region. Champagne is only produced in Champagne, Bordeaux in Bordeaux, and so on. It isn’t the methods that differ, nor the grape varieties used, […]

Primitivo Around The Wine Blogs

DNA testing has confirmed that Crljenak Kaštelanski - no I can’t pronounce it either - a Croatian grape variety and Zinfandel have the same genetic profile. The fact that the Italian Primitivo is also one and the same has given rise to a new name for the variety - ZPC (not that anyone I know […]

Zinfandel — The Eye Opener

When I first started learning about wine, I knew jack about Zinfandel. I knew it was a red. I knew that white zinfandel was what many women ordered in bars when they wanted to look sophisticated but didn’t know any better. I knew there was a section in wine stores for it. But I might […]

Primitivo - The Prince and the Extra-Virgin

Anyone who has ever ventured south to the Italian town of Lecce will know they have landed in a place that marks time far differently from our accustomed Western Urban approach. The region has a long history, many conquests, empires and epochs.

Along the way, a grape rooted itself into the history of the region of […]