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Hot and Heavy: Vin Chaud

This winter warmer has, for many years, been an iconic presence in Christmas markets across Europe. Whether in the form of the French version (vin chaud), or any of its European contemporaries: English mulled wine, Scandinavian glogg, or German Glühwein, hot spiced wine is always a hit with the holiday crowds. In Europe, […]

Organic Vineyard Compost

I am always looking for ways to be green (I do live in Northern California, after all) and it seems that local vineyards have found a way to be green and make money at the same time.  CBS5, a local TV station, reports that a company outside the town of Vacaville is turning table scraps from […]

American Wine Blog Awards 2007

Tom Wark over at Fermentations has announced his intention of organising an annual award specifically for wine blogs. Details appear to be under debate still but it would appear they will be categories for four different types of blog - wine reviews, wine news, blogs for the wine trade and those blogs run to teach and […]

Chick Wines – What Women Really Want?

You’ve seen them on the shelves, Mad Housewife , Lulu B,  Bitch. “It’s the wine equivalent of a one night stand”, a recent millennial remarked. Seems like every time I talk to a young woman they are heading for the red wine section. Pinot grigio? Chardonnay? How about a nice Ripasso or a Primitivo? That’s what they’re saying. […]

2006 Food Blog Awards

The 2006 Food Blog Awards have kicked off on our main site. Head on over there and nominate your favorite food blogs.

Do the Wealthy Know Wine?

The Luxury Institute is a market research organization that focuses solely on the wealthiest 10% of Americans. They produce several publications with the goal of providing market feedback on what wealthy spend their money. On December 6, the Luxury Institute released their Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI), which includes the top deluxe table […]

Coming Soon to French Schools?

 While the French government hasn’t gone so far as to set up wine-tasting sessions in classrooms, a recent report released by the governing UMP party suggests that “wine classes” starting as early as primary school could help boost France’s sagging wine industry.
The document ”calls for young people to be taught the history and qualities of various types of French wine,” explains […]

All the Cool People Are Drinking Riesling

The whims of the wine market sure are hard to keep track of these days.  According to Wine Business Monthly, the newest trend is a rise in sales of Riesling. ACNielsen tracks the market and says that Riesling holds the fourth spot in sales and sales are booming.  In fact, for the time period between November 2003 and […]

Wither Hills Stripped Of Award

 New Zealand producer Wither Hills has had a top accolade removed from one of their wines when scientific analysis discovered that the wine in the sample was not the same as that on the shelf.
“Wither Hills was to be named in Cuisine magazine’s list of top 10 Sauvignon blanc wines, but that all changed after […]

Golf Balls and Grapevines

Once you’ve made your mark on the PGA Tour and proven yourself among the best golfers in the world, what comes next? The answer for some Pro Golfers is to trade playing on finely manicured fairways for tending the vineyard. Golf and winemaking have a lot in common, right? Uh…okay, maybe not. But they do […]