Master Class ~ Wine as Medicine

tachis.jpgWe aren’t able to tout the health benefits of wine in America  and health leaders have openly warned against it . In Italy, they don’t have a problem with wine and health. On Dec 5 , 2006 , , the Master of winemakers and consultants in Italy, will give a symposium on Wine as Medicine . It will be held at the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome. The Italian Association of Sommeliers  has chosen the Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi to hold this event. Mr. Tachis will guide participants and taste six wines that have therapeutic merit:

  •  Marsala 1948 - FLORIO
  •  Moscato di Pantelleria l’Assenzio - FLORIO
  •  Vin Santo del Chianti Classico – FONTODI
  •  Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 1999 - CASTELLO DI CACCHIANO
  •  Vino Santo 1983 - PISONI
  •  Barolo Chinato - GIULIO COCCHI

Reservations required, € 20.00 per person
Associazione Italiana Sommelier Roma
Via G. Frescobaldi 5
Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi
00198 Roma
Tel. 06 8550941
Fax 06 85305556

In ancient times wine was considered more for it’s medicinal and restorative properties. A far cry from some politically motivated Surgeon Generals Chicken Little warning that “labels on wine bottles urging consumers to learn more about the health effects of wine are likely to encourage irresponsible drinking.”
The next thing you know, they’ll be restricting our use of cranberries.

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