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Someone Help the Ice Wine!

Okay, call out the emergency crews - Ice Wine is in danger.  Of course, this has to happen just when I have discovered some of the sweetest, most delicious wines created by man.  My boss shared a bottle at our office Christmas party and I plan to get some to share at my New Years Party […]

Wine at the Ahwahnee

When I saw the headline “Ahwahnee Behind-the-Scenes” in the Sacramento Bee’s Food section, I knew I was in for a treat.  Have you heard of the Ahwahnee?  It’s an amazing hotel located in California’s Yosemite National Park, on the floor of the Yosemite Valley.  Just thinking of it brings a wistful feeling….and, on a less wistful note, it’s […]

Holiday Tradition - Mulled Wine

In the spirit of holiday traditions, I’m sharing one of my newer traditions - mulled wine.
I’m not going to give a recipe because my wife and I aren’t the instigators of the tradition.  For most of my life (until I was 35), my grandmother had the whole family over for Christmas Eve.  It was just […]

IGT vs. DOC ~ Wrestling with the Question

Adam Lechmere wrote recently in Decanter, “IGT and DOC divide Italian wine world”. It seems the Italian wine world is all a dither over an internal debate over the pros and cons of DOC vs. IGT wines. Bravo, Adam, for reporting this.
I respect Cotarella for what he has done in the Italian wine landscape. Spend a […]

Southern Italy ~ Over the Hearth ~ Celebrate Tradition

It’s not an old Christmas tradition, but during the holiday season I break out the grill and make my mothers Timballo di Melenzane, from Calabria, which I have been making since I was 14. In America it was called Eggplant Parmigiano and it has become my signature dish and has changed and evolved as I […]

Boudin Blanc for Christmas in France

Here in France, the land of elaborate holiday meals, I used to put myself out making complicated dishes for my family’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Over the past few years, however, we have adopted “boudin blanc”, a plump white sausauge filled with ground chicken, veal or pork mixed with egg, milk and soft bread crumbs. It is […]

What To Drink With Mince Pies?

The humble mince pie - crumbly pastry, rich filling - is the epitome for me of Christmas indulgence. Forget your Chocolate (we have Easter for that), forget the imported Pannettone. Just give me a mince-pie and I’ll be happy. Happier with a dollop of brandy butter too if truth be told; even happier with something […]

New Indiana Wine Trail

According to the Hendricks County Flyer, a local paper in Hendricks County, Indiana now has a new wine trail. It’s called the Indy Wine Trail with seven wineries currently linked, all in central Indiana.
The Indy Wine trail is comprised of Buck Creek Winery, Chateau Thomas Winery, Easley Winery, Ferrin’s Fruit Winery, Grape Inspirations Winery, […]

High-Tech Help with Pairing

Those of you who have difficulty selecting the perfect wine to give Aunt Franny or the best match for your new favorite dinner recipe might find some help in a new web-based analysis tool developed by a company called QlikTech. The tool is called the Wine Press Wine Selector, and can be found here.
According to […]

Secrets From The Wine Diva

Food and wine is the first section of any wine book that I flick to. Is it going to be perfunctory, clichéd, adding little to the banal generalisations of others? Or will it enlighten, offer a fresh twist and inspire?
Secrets From The Wine Diva has 40 odd pages covering the subject of food and wine. […]