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Viognier: Fun French Facts

It’s hard to believe, but in the France of the early 60s, viognier grew on a tiny space of 30 hectares; just for Condrieu  (8 hectares!), Château-grillet and Côte-rôtie. In the 1980s, the variety started to be used in Côtes-du-Rhône wines, and its production now covers well over 2500 hectares in France.
It is the unique grape […]

Just What Food Does Go With Viognier?

With most wines - from Chardonnay to Sauvignon and from Cabernet to Shiraz I can easily find a dish to match but with Viognier the mind goes blank. If I take the alternative route - starting with the dish and selecting a wine to accompany, one of the last wines I would think of is a […]

Recommended Viognier - notes from around the blogosphere

A selection of wine tasting notes from some of my favourite blogs -
To kick off - an audiocast from Tim at Winecast. The show is from late 2005 but still holds plenty of interest…. Beau at Basic Juice recommends a ‘value Viognier‘ the Renwood’s “Select Series” 2004 at just $10 certainly worth a try if […]

Not quite Condrieu

Condrieu is that rare French gift to novice wine drinkers: the single grape apellation. Unfortunately, it is an expensive gift: wines from this 105-hectacre region in Côtes du Rhône regularly start at $50/bottle, and availability is scarce.

American and Australian winemakers have been quick to capitalize on the rising popularity of the Viognier grape, but […]

Far West Texas Viognier

 Viognier in the Old West?
Winemaker Kim McPherson relies on hard won soil from the Wild West days. This is where he grows his Viognier, an unlikely partner for a place better known for cattle rustlers and bushwackers. But here is where American Vionier has staked their claim in the dry, red dirt of Far West Texas.
Kim Pierce […]

Great Grape Day II - Viognier

Welcome to Wine Sediments’ second Great Grape Day. This month we are taking a glass or two of Viognier to our lips.
The intention is not to provide comprehensive coverage of all things Viognier but rather for the team to provide interesting snippets on a unified theme. As with our last Great Grape Day, which covered […]

Beaujolais nouveau or Gaillac primeur? A Random Comparative Tasting

Hats off to Gaillac wine producers for making their primeur  wine a commercial success. I would say that here in Southwest France, it has almost dethroned Beaujolais nouveau.
So far, I’ve tasted one Gaillac primeur, from the Domaine de Labarthe , and was impressed by its structure and complexity. With notes of slightly peppered dark cherries — or […]

Award for What To Drink With What You Eat

I never received my review copy - I obviously live in too remote a location for delivery vans to reach - but there has been plenty of hugely favourable coverage of What To Drink With What You Eat across many blogs over the last few weeks.
There was Beaujolais dinner yesterday, hosted by George Duboeuf, where the […]

Today Isn’t Just About Beaujolais

Le Touraine primeur est arrivé! As well as le Gaillac nouveau and other “new” wines which compete — in France, at least — with the tried and true Beaujolais nouveau.
500,000 bottles of Touraine primeur  wine will be marketed in France. Although this represents a small percentage of Loire Valley wines, Touraine primeur has enjoyed  AOC status since […]

My First Beaujolais Nouveau

For my first post on Wine Sediments, I thought I’d take a little different take on a big subject this week - the 2006 Beaujolais Nouveau!  Instead of writing about how wonderful it is that it’s coming out today (it is a great thing!), here’s how I first got interested in even trying this fun-to-drink […]