A Do-it-yourself Success Story

Odds are you have not heard of Two Tun wine.  That’s because there are only 1,800 bottles of it and they are sold only in south-west London at Twickenham’s Real Ale Shop.  This Is Local London’s Hannah Farquharson shares the details of how Two Tun wine was started.  

Two wine traders, Guy Smith and Richard Addison, thought it would be fun to buy several tons of grapes and six barrels and see what they could create.  Now they are selling the wine they created.  Both work in the Fairtrade and organic wine business, so they had considerable knowledge on the subject.

They began with two tons of Shiraz and two tons of Chenin grapes.  They used French oak barrels to ferment the wine and avoided filtering the wine by skimming any sediment to keep the wine clear.
Guy said: “We took advice, but we had a clear idea of what we wanted. We have two quite different opinions of what we like. Between the two of us we came up with something we both liked.”

You can read more about Smith and Addison and their winemaking journey on their blog: Two Tun Wine.

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Reader Comments

Next time I go up town I’ll see if I can nip down to that part of the capital and see if I can grab a bottle; sounds interesting.

Very exciting to see that news of our DIY venture is spreading - making something purely for our own pleasure without any restrictions was good for the soul and the barrels are already re filled with 2006 which I recently tasted, slightly drier vintage but looking good