Thresher Money Off Blog Experiment

Threshers, with stores in about every town and city across the UK, is running an interesting ‘experiment’ across the nationas blogs.

With no advertising or point of sale material - word of mouth from blog to blog, the company is offering a 40% money off voucher that you can download from the stormhoek blog. Now 40% is a rather good saving, especially at this time of year; the deal runs from the 30th November to the 10th December.

The voucher can be downloaded from Stomhoek.

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Reader Comments

Does anyone know if this is for real yet? Has anyone tried using the voucher?

As Thresher already do a buy 2 get one free policy which represents a notional 33% discount, this “40%” discount is only 7% off the regular prices. The vouchers are certainly for real