Award for What To Drink With What You Eat

I never received my review copy - I obviously live in too remote a location for delivery vans to reach - but there has been plenty of hugely favourable coverage of What To Drink With What You Eat across over the last few weeks.

There was Beaujolais dinner yesterday, hosted by George Duboeuf, where the book was awarded the accolade ”Wine Book of the Year 2006″ Award. Winners are selected for their ability to “illuminate the subject of wine for both the beginner and the connoisseur.”

“It is humbling that our book WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT is taking its place as a recipient of this coveted award, which has previously been bestowed upon some of the best wine books we’ve ever had the pleasure of reading — including RED WINE WITH FISH by David Rosengarten and Joshua Wesson, WINDOWS ON THE WORLD WINE COURSE by Kevin Zraly, and THE WINE BIBLE by Karen MacNeil, among others.”

Makes me wish I had a copy…

[Available from for $23.10 and for £16.53]

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Reader Comments

I don’t generally buy wine books, as they seem very narrowly focused, but this sounds like an interesting book. I’m all for someoen giving me more ideas on what to pair with foods… And not just sticking to wine helps! In fact, I have a bottle of sake my sister brought me back from Tokyo, and I need to figure out what to have with it.

This apparently also lists beers, cocktails and spirits too. Should be an interesting reference.

Whoops. I received my advance copy, and tossed it to the back of the pile (in my defence, it is subtitled as a guide to paring not just wine, but bottled water, which I found absurd)

Guess I better pull it out and read it…

This seems so typically American. Someone telling us what we need to drink with what we need to eat.
How about stepping outside and making that decision yourself?