Cooking with Zinfandel

That great publication, Inside Bay Area, has a great little article on Zinfandel and using it in cooking. While this may seem a waste of your precious icnonic bottles laying gracefully in the rack, the recipe does sound rather good.

The are specifically looking at the Rancho Zabaco Zinfandel and, although the article is aimed at Thanksgiving celebrations, the recipe - a dessert Deep Dish Zinfandel Pear and Cherry Pie  - does have a delicious Autumnal feel.

Basically it is pears baked with the Zinfandel and a pile of cinnamon and cloves. These make up the pie filling with a handful of dried cherries. Not sure though that I would serve the same wine with the pudding as they suggest.

“Be sure to save a sip of wine to go with this pear-cherry pie, packed full of barely-sweetened fruits that draw even more attention to the bright fruit flavors in the wine.”

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I often poach pears for dessert in red wine and like to add a bit of spice to the poaching liquid, so a Zin seems like it would work well.

I serve the pears with some of the poaching liquid I’ve boiled down with some sugar to make a syrup, or use the fruit to top a pastry cream tart.

Try a Zin-poached pear (or maybe peach in season) on top of an almond cream filling in a chocolate crust pie.