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Free the Grapes

In California’s Wine Country, wine clubs are at every vineyard. Wine clubs allow the consumer to get a subscription of wines delivered on a periodic basis right to their home. Great concept, but, in the US, this isn’t possible in many states. Currently, 17 states only allow wines to be delivered via distributors.
To combat this […]

A Do-it-yourself Success Story

Odds are you have not heard of Two Tun wine.  That’s because there are only 1,800 bottles of it and they are sold only in south-west London at Twickenham’s Real Ale Shop.  This Is Local London’s Hannah Farquharson shares the details of how Two Tun wine was started.  
Two wine traders, Guy Smith and Richard Addison, thought it would be […]

Gods, Mentors, and Wine

This weekend, while helping an older gentleman put up some of his belongings, we came upon a treasure trove of older books. Books about the wine business, especially the history of wine, books about Burgundy and Italy, Portugal and early California. One ancient book aroused my attention, Gods, Men, and Wine, by William Younger . Almost impossible […]

A Glass Or Two Each Day

The French are charmingly smug about their devotion to red wine, Gitanes and food cooked in goose fat. A study of 34,000 Frenchmen, conducted in 1997, indicated that a glass or two or red wine each day reduced mortality rates by a startling 30%. This is despite heavy consumption of saturated fats, stressful working conditions, […]

Wine Bottle Evolution?

Today’s wine bottle comes from a long history of wine storage. Originally, containers were made of stone, wood, leather or earthenware. The Greek amphora was used to store up to 30 gallons of wine or oil. During the dark ages, casks were invented, but for long term storage, they imparted a bit too much oakiness!
The […]

Thresher Money Off Blog Experiment

Threshers, with stores in about every town and city across the UK, is running an interesting ‘experiment’ across the nationas blogs.
With no advertising or point of sale material - word of mouth from blog to blog, the company is offering a 40% money off voucher that you can download from the stormhoek blog. Now 40% […]

Car Sensors To Stop Drunk Driving

This week, Matthew L. Wald wrote in the New York Times on “A New Strategy to Discourage Driving Drunk”. In his article, Mr. Wald discusses the fact that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is campaigning in 49 states to require the installation of an alcohol detection device in cars of drunk driving offenders. […]

Best Los Angeles Wine Shops

Good ol’ Dr Vino - he has been a-playing with his maps again.
If you enjoy the online experience of google maps and just happen to live or be visiting Los Angeles anytime soon then his latest map creation may just come in handy - especially if you need to locate a wine retailer, which is […]

Hill Country Surprise!

Deep in the Hill Country of Central Texas, Damian Mandola has built a South of France/ Tuscan inspired wine estate. Viognier meets Vermentino. Mandola Estate Winery. The wine is crisp and surprisingly fresh! The fuzzy peach aspect is tempered by a healthy wash of backbone, just like the longhorn steers that roamed the now gentrified countryside. […]

Viognier Online

I only found Viognier recently.  I was fixing grilled lobster for my wife’s birthday, and I don’t really drink a lot of white wines, so I asked a local wine shop what to drink with the grilled lobster.  They suggested a decently priced Viognier.
I have to say that this may be the white wine I’ve […]