Wine Sediments in the Independent

Richard Ehrlich has announced he is departing the Independent newspaper. He has been writing his column for 10 years.

In his final article he takes a broad swipe at the wine blogosphere.

“And I’m sorry to say that hours of surfing have turned up little else on other amateur blogs that’s worth following. Many of the sites also have a problem in common with much of what’s written on the internet: no editors and no limit on word count. In cyberspace, it seems, no one can hear you scream “Enough! Shut up, please!”

He does however highlight a couple of blogs that might be familiar.

“There are good things out there, of course. An “agglomerator” of wine blogs - one that harvests latest postings from everywhere - has recently launched under the name It is worth a look if you want to get a sampling. There are sometimes good things on, put together by a like-minded international group. And there are interesting things to be found at too, though so much of it is based on activities in the area around San Francisco that many UK readers will struggle to find it useful.”


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Reader Comments

Good for him! While there is a lot of chatter, everywhere, one can walk away from it anytime and take a saunter in the meadow. Information has always bombarded us, from cave dwelling times on into and past the modern era. It is up to the individual to assimilate the information for their own purposes and in doses thay can digest. No one’s forcing anyone to supersize their info-supper.

Wishing him a lot of luck in his life beyond the newspaper.