Keep It Simple, Stupid

The old saying goes that it usually pays to follow the KISS rule - Keep It Simple, Stupid. Beverage World reports that a top European Union official appears to think this rule should be applied to European wine makers. The specific countries targeted by the comments are France, Italy and Germany, according to EU Farm Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel.

“The consumer decides what is taken down the shelves in the supermarkets. The consumer wants simple, clear labeling,” Fischer Boel said after meeting with farm ministers from the 25 EU member nations to discuss reforming Europe’s wine sector.

“When you look at the success of the new world wines, some of them specifically use the labeling ‘Chardonnay,’ ‘Sauvignon,’ and people don’t ask for anything, but ‘let me get a glass or a bottle of Sauvignon,” she said of the popular white wines.

“We need to head in the same direction,” she said.

With different countries using different labeling standards it is easy for wine novices and experts alike to get confused. The Commissioner clarified that her comments were directed at mid-range wines and pointed to the clear and concise practices used in Australia, the United States and South Africa as examples.

Because of “flagging sales and overproduction, EU nations have agreed that a profound reform of the continent’s wine industry is needed, but still bicker on ways to achieve it.”

[Graphic from Epicurious]

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