Wine Sediments in the Wall Street Journal

Just a quick heads up to our readers that Wine Sediments, along with 5 other outstanding wine blogs, is highlighted in an article appearing today in the Wall Street Journal titled Wine Women and Song. Unfortunately you’ll need to be a subscriber to view the article, but here’s the text of the write up:

This group blog, with contributors from around the world, covers lots of territory, from the cork wars (traditional cork vs. synthetic vs. caps) to news about wine and health, tips on storing and serving wine, and even fun ways to serve wine at parties. There are also in-depth discussions of wines from various countries, and thorough reviews, including a section called “Vines Less Tasted” that introduces readers to some obscure gems.

The other wine blogs mentioned include The Caveman’s Wineblog, Avenue Vine, Every Day Wine Pairings, my personal blog Pinotblogger, and the Wine Offensive.

I especially like Caveman and the Wine Offensive and I encourage you to check them out. And congrats Sediments writers!

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Reader Comments

Congratulations to Wine Sediments and to WellFed … and especially to Wine Sediments “alumni” Lenn from the Lenndevours wine blog and Jamie from the Wine Chicks wine blog, who contributed mightily to the Journal-lauded “Vines Less Tasted” posts in the early days of Wine Sediments, as well as to another of the original writers, Tom Wark from Fermentation.

Mark Fisher
Founding editor and alumnus, Wine Sediments

PS now whaddaya got comin’ for tomorrow? Oops, sorry for the flashback …

Nice to get some good feedback from the national press. let’s keep it up!

Congrats to all Wine Sediments writers, past and present — great job!