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I’m half-Irish, half-Italian, which means that I come from peoples who really enjoy their alcohol but also have a respect for the slow-moving, Old World means of producing it. Although I enjoy wines from all regions and across many styles, I have a real fondness for neglected or near-forgotten grapes. My proudest wine moment was convincing my mom to switch from White Zinfandel to Riesling.

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Nice to see someone who realy appreciates the old tradtional ways of making wine. South Africa has been making superb wines for more than 350 years and the expertise of ages has filtered down through the years. Slaley, one of the top estates, is very proud of the fine tradional wines that they craft. Similarly, a new wine called Hermit on the Hill is aged until it is just right for the market. Many of our wines are exported to in California. Have a look at their website and enjoy their wines too eg Lanzerac, Landskroon and Van Loveren.