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European Time Features Wine Worries

It’s hard to fight against the law of supply and demand, and the October 30th issue of Time magazine’s European edition features an in-depth cover article about how economics are wreaking havoc in the wine market. From France to Australia, winemakers are feeling the pinch as consumption, although increasing overall, cannot keep up with the […]

Wine Sediments in the Independent

Richard Ehrlich has announced he is departing the Independent newspaper. He has been writing his column for 10 years.
In his final article he takes a broad swipe at the wine blogosphere.
“And I’m sorry to say that hours of surfing have turned up little else on other amateur blogs that’s worth following. Many of the sites […]

CHINA-ti CLASSICO? On the Wine & Silk Road in China

Tuscany or Tian Shan?
I’ve been talking with Jennifer Hong, who is making wine in this moment, in the foothills of the Tian Shan mountain range in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Ms. Hong commutes between there and her home in San Francisco. The winery is a joint Chinese-American wine project called China Silk Wines. While she is […]

Reinventing the Tasting Experience

The Temecula Valley might not be on top of your list of ultimate wine tasting destinations, but if the budget doesn’t quite allow a tour of Bordeaux or a riverboat up the Rhine, it’s an enjoyable place to spend a couple days.
If you go, be sure to seek out Rancho de Andallusia. Newcomers to the […]

Climate change in New Zealand - is there any?

Is there real evidence that global warming is effecting grape growing across the world?
A report from New Zealand finds that, if there is any changes, they are not making any impact in New Zealand. The head of the New Zealand grape research body, Dr Alan Limmer, suggests that there is “no reason to believe growing […]

Keep It Simple, Stupid

The old saying goes that it usually pays to follow the KISS rule - Keep It Simple, Stupid. Beverage World reports that a top European Union official appears to think this rule should be applied to European wine makers. The specific countries targeted by the comments are France, Italy and Germany, according to […]

Grapes Left to Wither

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that some Northern California grape growers are leaving grapes to wither on the vine. The cause for the waste of grapes is a larger than expected harvest. Of course, the huge harvest is also lowering prices: “Lodi growers are selling some grapes for less than $200 per ton […]

On the Wine Trail in Tuscany @ 130kmph


The sign was put on the door, gone fishing. For wine. I took a quick, long week to make an orbit around Tuscany to taste the new wine and talk to some of my winemakers. We traveled as far north as Vinci and Capezzana and as far south as the Maremma, with some time spent […]

Wines for the Bird

Deciding which wine to pair with Thanksgiving might not be as easy as you think. The wine has to go well not only with the turkey, but will all the fixings, too. What wines will go well with roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and green beans? Sunset Magazine’s Sara Schneider […]

Wine Sediments in the Wall Street Journal

Just a quick heads up to our readers that Wine Sediments, along with 5 other outstanding wine blogs, is highlighted in an article appearing today in the Wall Street Journal titled Wine Women and Song. Unfortunately you’ll need to be a subscriber to view the article, but here’s the text of the write up:
This group […]