Ruinart Champagne for Wine Blogging Wednesday

Ruinart Brut Ros Champagne

Ruinart Brut Ros Champagne, NV, France.
Widely available for around 30/US$70.
Everyone needs friends who come a-visiting brandishing a bottle of bubbly! This being a rose and one delicate in colour, aroma and flavour. Delightful. Gorgeous colour light peach with an edge of pink roses and a strawberry, biscuity edge to the flavour. A little cream… a little red fruit…

Apologies to Sam, host of this months Wine Blogging Wednesday, but I can only recommend this wine as an aperitif. Food matching ideas were one of Sams stipulations for Wine Blogging Wednesday, but I feel the Ruinarts poise and delicacy would vanish if paired with food (leaving little bar a racy collection of bubbles in the mouth).

Although supplied as a surprise gift, with little time for even thinking about matching with food, you could try matching this with strawberries. I have an Italian recipe for Risotto alla Fragole (strawberry risotto), created by Alvaro Maccioni the owner of La Famiglia in London, designed specifically for matching with Bisol Crede Prosecco. It might just work for this ros too, but I am going to need another bottle to find out!

The Ruinart website recommends Andalusian Gaspacho, Sander (a fish) or Fillet of veal.

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