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Jewish Wine from Napa Vines

What makes a wine Jewish?
Well, in the most orthodox, religious terms, it is wine that is kosher, or “fit.” According to the Kosher Wine Review to be considered kosher, a wine must be certified by a rabbinical authority and have been either created, bottled, opened, handled, and poured only by Jews who are religiously […]

Report from the Road: Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Workshop 2006

Its been a big year for Cakebread Cellars. The label was recently named the number one most frequently ordered wine label in American restaurants by Wine & Spirits Magazine, and the winery just wrapped up the 20th anniversary of its 20th annual American Harvest Workshop. I was lucky enough to be invited to cover […]

Just in Time for the Holidays

Yes, I said “the holidays.” They’re really not that far away … no sense pretending. While you’re on the party circuit, you’ll, no doubt, want to be a proper guest and tote along a bottle of wine or two. You might want to check out the byobags from Built NY.
A dazzling array of colors, […]

Oh Sherry!

Sherry gets a bad rap. At best, its a supporting player in wine-based cocktail recipes. At worst, its what your maiden aunt drinks before supper at 4:30 in the afternoon. In the United States, it’s hardly considered at all. But sherry deserves more love: its an old and integral part of Spanish cuisine, its delicious, […]

Well, Why Not?

Under the heading, “The Rich Keep Getting Richer,” your favorite celebrity or athlete just might be earning another fortune by making their own wine.
Carlos Santana does it with Mumm Napa (Santana DVX); Joe Montana, a longtime wine collector, has his Montagia Howell Mountain Cabernet (more info here), though their wine is used primarily at […]

Problems in Prosecco

Under Italian law it is illegal to sell wine in anything other than a bottle. So that makes bag-in-box wines illegal and wine in cans too.
Which has caused a problem in Prosecco. The regulating body of Prosecco - that light and fizzy stuff made north of Venice - is taking action against the makers of […]

An Emerging Wine Region: California’s Gold Country

Living in Sacramento, California, I am in the enviable position of being smack dab in the middle of the Wine Country and the Gold Country. Napa Valley is 45 minutes in one direction and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada are 45 minutes in the other direction. Normally, when I’m in the mood […]

Martha Says…

It’s a common fact that white wines, rose and even a few red wines taste better when they’ve been chilled. I’m not a wine expert, and even I know that. But what if you haven’t had time to plan ahead and properly chill your wine? Getting a properly chilled wine by putting it in the […]

French Flock to Fall Wine Fairs

All over France, supermarkets are finally replacing school supplies with a far more exciting product: wine. Late September brings the traditional Foires aux vins, or wine fairs, to all of Frances supermarket chains. From Auchan to Champion, supermarkets and the even bigger hypermarkets, or superstores, offer an attractive range of wines at reasonable prices. […]

Betty Carlson - Bio

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Betty Carlson has worked, cooked, and raised a family in France for the last 16 years. She currently lives with her French husband and children in Southwest France where she teaches college English.
Her food passions include wine, cheese, local produce, and French regional specialties. Her biggest interest, however, is […]