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Lynn Krielow Chamberlain - Bio

I am a 30-year career wine professional with a Master of Science in Oenology, 1981 OSU; a Certified Wine Educator, 1985, SWE; with experience in wine on-premise, off-premise, beverage wholesale, wine production, wine travel, wine journalism, wine radio, wine television, wine public relations, wine judge, and wine academia. I have sat the MW exam twice, […]

Top 10 Ways to Become a Regular at Your Restaurant of Choice*

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Here are 10 ways to help you become a regular at the restaurant of your choice.
1. The obvious one: Frequent the dining establishment. Once a week at first, then taper off to a couple times a month.
2. Always say “Please” and “Thank You” when ordering. […]

Wine Blog Events

The plethora of blog events for the foodie side of things is large. There are Sugar High Fridays, End of Months with eggs, cookbook challenges and parcel exchanges. For the wine arena, there are just two.
The grand-daddy of them all is, of course, Lenndevours’ Wine Blogging Wednesday. It has now reached its 25th monthly […]

Drink Red Wine

Docs say so. Good enough for me. Different cultures, like Italians, are definitely onto something when they include wine with every meal. A recent article in the September issue of Natural Health magazine says,
“Research has shown that red wine is rich with powerful antioxidants like flavonoids and resveratrol. Numerous studies show that these grape compounds […]

Blogging for Wine and Profit

The Washington Post ran an interesting article on Saturday about how companies are increasingly supplying bloggers with free stuff to get them writing and talking about their wares.
One of the blogs that received special mention in the piece was a wine blogger I’ve been reading for a couple months named Alan Smith. His blog […]

Life’s Too Short…

How does the saying go? Life’s too short for cheap wine? Life’s too short for boring wine? Something like that but I forget. But really both are accurate.
There are so many wines now available that those who have more than a passing interest are spoilt for choice; decent wine abounds. There is a heck of […]

For the Entertainer in You

Need something to get or keep the conversation going at your next soiree? Check out these nifty disposable wine coasters from Greener Grass Design. A bargain at 48 for $8, it’s sure to liven things up a bit. And since you’re, ahem, already there and shopping, take a gander at these colorful carafes, complete […]

The Corkage Quandary

As we walked out the door the other night, headed to dinner at a nice restaurant, I dropped by the wine fridge and picked out a nice bottle of wine that Id been saving for a special occasion.
My husband visibly cringed. I dont often take advantage of the fact that most restaurants where we […]

Summer Cocktails

When the h-o-t Summer temperatures are too much for you, take a departure from your usual glass of wine and enjoy a Summer Cocktail instead. In our house, this White Wine Strawberry Sangria is affectionately called “Mom Juice,” but whatever you call it, its delicious iciness is perfect when temperatures are soaring.
White Wine Strawberry […]

Josh Hermsmeyer - Bio

Josh Hermsmeyer is a new father and, in his spare time, he moonlights as the Generalissimo of Capozzi Winery. Josh is blogging the birth of Capozzi, a new Russian River Valley Pinot Noir winery, over at PinotBlogger: the Capozzi Winery blog. Josh studied Economics and Winemaking at UC Davis, where he met and was swept […]