New Airline Security Regulations Bad News for Wine

With amped-up security at airports banning any liquid carry-on items, travelers heading home from wine country may be faced with a tough decision. The natural inclination for most has been to carry wine aboard the aircraft, which is no longer an option. A McClatchy-Tribune article explain some winemakers’ fears that the new security measure will hurt business:

“Vineyards across the region, hoping to avoid a drop in sales during prime wine season, are offering free storage boxes and discounted shipping to keep the 14.8 million wine lovers who visit California vineyards each year carting home those coveted bottles of pinot noir and chardonnay. But not everyone can take advantage: Sixteen states prohibit wine shipments, while others have partial bans on alcohol deliveries, according to the Wine Institute.”

An increase in airline security seems a good thing … but I hadn’t considered how it might affect my rampant wine-acquiring habits in the future as I face an upcoming cross-country move into a no-ship state!


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